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Hello, I am Mohammad Tajim a WordPress Developer with over 14 years of experience building WP Products. I made Munk WordPress Theme and other themes available at metricthemes.com. Follow me on twitter @tajim

How To Start A WordPress Blog in 2022 – Step By Step Guide

Want to write your thoughts in a longer format? Tired of posting few lines on Facebook or Twitter? Why not start a blog? I have been blogging since 2004, well before blogs were mainstream. Let me show you how to create a WordPress Blog and start writing today! There has never been a better time to start a blog and with using our step-by-step guide and under $50 you can […]

How to Back up Your WordPress Site

Security is of high importance! That is why it is recommended to shield your assets and when it comes to online assets, people usually think of their WordPress website. However, if you think that it is difficult to protect a WordPress website, then you are not alone. It is somewhat critical and needs tech expertise.  Secure your precious website  Most people want to keep their website secure from security breach, […]

How to Add Breadcrumbs in Your WordPress Website

You might have heard about breadcrumbs. They are the elements present on a website that aims to simplify navigation. If we look at the formal definition, we will find that it is a type of secondary navigation scheme that reveals the user’s location in a website or Web application. It assists visitors and enables them to come back to the home page from any internal page. It also defines the […]

Introducing Munk – Fast, Customizable and Easy to use WordPress Theme

To be honest, it’s been years in making. After designing, building and sharing many free themes from numerous sites and wordpress.org, I poured all my knowledge, experience and ideas into this one theme. This is how Munk was born. My name is Mohammad Tajim and I am a WordPress Developer who has been making websites with WordPress for about 1.5 decade now. Munk WordPress Theme is the culmination of my […]

10+ WordPress Performance Optimization You Can Do Without Plugin

Website speed is one of the major criteria Google uses to rank your site. If you have a slow site it not only hurts your search engine ranking but is also bad for your users. A performance optimized site not only helps you get higher ranking but also helps you generate more revenue from your site. The question is how can you increase your site’s load time. There are many […]

Top 10 Places to Download Quality Free WordPress Theme

So, you just installed your WordPress blog. Now you need to find a good looking theme that will make your site look professional and beautiful.  If you want a seriously good looking site with all the bells and whistles then you should buy a premium WordPress theme but if you are just staring out and are short on cash then there are tons of good quality free WordPress theme that […]

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