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How to display all custom fields (name AND value) in a post?

You are working on a custom WordPress theme that uses lots and lots of custom fields and you suddenly want to see what all custom fields are assigned to any post. ¬†You can do by going into the dashboard of the site and editing the specific post but what if you want to show it on the front-end of site on the single post template? What if you have tons […]

How to Embed PDFs in a WordPress Page?

Embedding the pdf file in the WordPress page or post is simple and safe. There are various features available in the WordPress in order to embed the pdf file in the page. One of the major thing is in the current version of the WordPress is inbuilt the plugin that need to be activated so that you can easily attach the files like pdf directly inside the page. Similar to […]

Configure Automatic Daily Backups for FREE in WordPress

WordPress has some special features that are really suitable for modern technology that helps to adopt most of the package rather non acceptance. There are various plugins are been introduced on daily basis in order to backup the information for future usage. Backup Daily WordPress Plugin Backup daily is the common plugin which most of the user used to make use of in order to back up the database on […]

How to Add Custom Styling to WordPress Post Editor?

There are various options available in order to perform the style formatting arrangement in the wordpress post editor. Most of the time when you create a site in wordpress then you may have several thoughts in order to customize the options that must be delivered, so that the quality of the product must be well and good. Button must be one of the item which need to designed in attractive […]

How to Show Data in a Table the Right Way in WordPress?

How to Show Data in a Table the Right Way in WordPress? Tables are always considered as the best mean to display huge amount of details and information. Displaying information through tables can also keep the visitors busy and they can be informed about those details in a great manner. But when you are trying to create tables while using CSS and HTML, such work can take a long time. […]