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Blog Archive – Overview

Archive is defined as collection of any data. In WordPress world, a blog archive is a collection of blog posts grouped by category, tag, author, date, etc.

With Munk WordPress Theme, you customize the layout of your blog archive, category pages as well as search result page layouts.

You can find the option to customize blog archive at:

Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> Content > Blog/Archive

In the panel you will find the following options to customize your archive layout:

Archive Layout
Munk comes with 3 major layout types for archives:

  • Without Sidebar / Full Width: Content is displayed end to end within the container without any sidebar.
  • Left Sidebar: A Layout where your widget sidebar is displayed on the left side of content.
  • Right Sidebar: A Layout where your widget sidebar is displayed on the right side of content.

By Default, Munk uses the left sidebar layout and if you select a different layout in here then it will be applied for all the archives pages of your site including blog home, category, tag and author archives as well as search results page.

Post Content Padding
Padding refers to the space around the content but inside of the container

You can adjust the padding/space around the post content using this option. By default, Munk has a post content set to 45px. You can adjust it to a more wider or narrower padding according to your requirement.

Post Content Margin
Margin refers to the space around the content but outside of the container

You can adjust the margin around the post content using this option. By default, Munk has a post content set to 0px. You can adjust the margin to add more space between two posts.

Post Layout
Post Layout options lets you adjust post content sequence. You can drag and drop an element and put it above or below another item to change the sequence of the content.

Further, by clicking on the “eye” icon you can disable or enable the content. If you disable an item then it will not be displayed in the post content.

Post Meta
The post meta data is the “administrative” information you provide to viewers about each post. This information usually includes the author of the post, when it was written (or posted), and how the author categorized that particular post.

In this option you can select which information you want to display for posts. You can drag and drop the items to change the sequence they are displayed or click on eye icon to disable it completely.

Post Meta Icon
By default Munk shows icon with each post meta information. You can use the “Show Icons in Post Meta” toggle to disable output of icon in Post Meta.

Post Content
Munk also allows you to show either a short post excerpt or full post content in the post box or disable the post content altogether.

Excerpt Length
You can adjust the length of the excerpt with this option. By default 55 characters are shown, you can increase or decrease it according to your requirement.

Read More Text
Change button label of “Read More” button using this option. If you would like to disable the button then just removed the text from this option and leave it blank.

Pagination Type
Pagination is shown below all the posts and lets you navigate between older and newer posts. Munk comes with two types of pagination.

  • Prev/Next Post Links
  • Numbered Pagination with page numbers.

By default Prev/Next Post links are enabled. You can change it Numbered pagination if required.

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