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Inbuilt Breadcrumbs are now part of Munk Pro.

Breadcrumbs are an important item that helps you boost your ranking in search engine. Use Munk Pro’s schema ready breadcrumbs for that extra boost in search engine ranking.

To enable Breadcrumbs:

  • Make sure you have enabled “Munk Pro” plugin and activate your license.
  • Navigate to Dashboard > Appearance > Munk Options and activate “Breadcrumbs”.
  • Then navigate to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Breadcrumbs > to add/edit the breadcrumbs to your site.

There are thee locations you can show the breadcrumbs:

  1. Inside Header
  2. Outside Header
  3. Above Blogposts

You can also customize on which pages you want to enable or disable the breadcrumbs.

Further more, you can customize the layout, color and typography of breadcrumbs.

More free templates for download at: Google Slides Themes

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