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How to enable Above Header Bar

Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize > Header > Above Header

Munk WordPress theme comes with an inbuilt Above Header bar that you can enable from the Customizer. Above Header bar as the name suggest will be displayed above the Primary Header of your site.

The Above Header bar can be made either one column or two columns and has option to display:

  1. Text
  2. Search Form
  3. Navigation Menu
  4. WordPress Widget
  5. Shortcode

To enable “Above Header” bar navigation to the Customizer from your Dashboard >> Appearance and open the Header panel and then “Above Header”.

In the dropdown that says “Above Header Layout”, select either One Column or Two Column.  In the One Column layout your content will aligned center in one column whereas in Two columns, you can select two types of content which will be aligned in left and right column.

After, you have selected the layout, you will be shown further option to select the type of content you want to show in the Above Header bar.

You can enter any generic text like your contact info, office hours or any other kind of text in this option.

Search Form
You can display a search form with this options.

Using the Menu option you can show any navigation menu that you have already created on your site.

Once you select Widget option, a new “Above Header Widget” area will be enabled in your Appearance >> Widget page. You can navigate back to your widget page and add any widget you want in this are and it will be shown in the Above Header bar.

If you have a custom shortcode that you want to run in this section then you can do show using this option. Once you select this option a new input field to enter your shortcode will be enabled.

All of these features are available for you to choose in both One Column and Two Column layout so you can have a text in one side and a menu on either side or any other combination that you prefer.

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