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How to Import Instant Sites ?

Once you have installed Munk WordPress Theme and Munk Sites plugin.

Navigate to:

Dashboard >> Appearance >> Munk Sites

Here you will find the preview of all the available Instant Sites you can import into your site.

When you mouse hover upon a preview image, you will see two buttons:

This button will open the full page demo of that instant sites.

This button will open the import setup which takes you to a step by step wizard through which you can import the designs into your sites.

Step 1: Import Overview
This is the first step of the wizard. Click on “Start Import” button to begin.

Step 2: Install Plugins
This step will install and activate any required plugin for that Instant Sites. Click on “Install Plugins” button to install the plugins

Step 3: Import Content
This step will import the pages and posts with their layouts and designs. Click on “Import Content” button to import all the required layouts.

Step 4: Import Options
This step will import the customizer options and widgets into your sites to modify the layout according to the imported Instant Site’s requirement. Click on “Import Options” button to import the options and settings.

Step 5: Final Step
This step will show whether or not the Instant site was imported into your WordPress Installation.

Import features depends on the speed and power of your server. If you have an under powered server then expects some delays in the import process. If not then most import process won’t take more than 5-6 minutes to import everything required into your site.

If you don’t like the imported site then you reset your WP Installation and try again. Click here to read how to reset your WordPress Site.

More free templates for download at: Google Slides Themes

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