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Off Canvas Sidebar Overview

Munk Pro adds an exciting features of OffCanvas Sidebar into your Munk site.

OffCanvas Sidebar is an easy method to show more content on your content which won’t take up important real estate of the page but rather would be hidden and only show when required.

To enable OffCanvas Sidebar:

  • Make sure you have enabled “Munk Pro” plugin and activate your license.
  • Navigate to Dashboard > Appearance > Munk Options and activate “OffCanvas Sidebar”.
  • Then navigate to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Header > Off Canvas Sidebar to edit the Off canvas sidebar.

Here you will find option to customize the Off Canvas Sidebar toggle and its content area.

Once you have enabled Off Canvas Sidebar, you should then navigate back to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets where you will find a new sidebar area called “OffCanvas Sidebar Widget Area”. Drag and drop any widget in this widget area and save it.




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