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Site Container – Overview

A container encapsulates the area which displays the content of the site.

In Munk WordPress Theme, content or the primary container and the sidebar also called as secondary container are two parts of the Site container.

You can apply a container layout to entire site through the settings found at:

Dashboard >> Appearance > Customize > Site Container.

Note: Different containers can be applied for individual pages and posts from meta settings. These are page-specific settings that have high priority than customizer settings.

Munk comes with 4 different container layouts:

  • Default
  • Boxed
  • Full Width – Contained
  • Fluid

Default Site Container
This is the default container of the site and has a width of 1140px on desktop view. In this container the background color of body can be different than that of the content container.

Boxed Container
Boxed Container wraps whole site content into a boxed layout and adds a shadow behind the content to differentiate the content from the background.

Full Width – Contained
This container pulls the content container full width but keeps the inner containers in the middle. Background color and content color is merged in this container layout.

In this container layout, content and container both are pulled 100% from one end of the browser to other making a fluid full width layout.

Furthermore, you can also change the width of the inner and out container of your site. Container width settings show you different width selector depending upon which container layout is select in Default Site Container dropdown.

Contained Container Width
This option lets you customize the width of container when Default Site Container or Full Width – Container is selected.

Boxed Container Width
This option lets you change the width of boxed container area.

Inner Container Width
This option lets you change the width of the inner content area when boxed layout is selected.

You can change the width area in the customizer and view the changes in real time.

Note: These container and width area do not apply to mobile view of the site.

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