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Site Content – Color Settings

Munk WordPress Theme lets you customize the color settings of every element of your site.

You can find color customization settings for your site content at:

Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize > Content >> Color Settings

You will find the following options in this panel:

  • Body Background Color: This option lets you change the background color of your entire site.
  • Background Color: This option applies only to the content area. It lets you select a background color of the area where the content is shown and does not applies to header or footer.
  • Post/Page Title: This applies to the title of the single post or page
  • Post/Page Content: This option changes the color of the post content.
  • Content Link: This option lets you select a unique color of the links within your content
  • Content Link Hover: This option lets you select a unique color of link hover color within your content.
  • Post Meta: This option lets you change the color of post meta icon and text.

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