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Site Content – Typography Settings

Munk WordPress Theme lets you customize the fonts settings of elements of your site.

You can find typography/font customization settings for your site content at:

Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize > Content >> Typography Settings

You will find the following options in this panel:

Content Font
You can select a base font for your entire site using this option. This font option applies to all the content in the Content area of your site unless you override it using other specific font options.

All 600+ Google font is available for you to select here as well their variants.

Post/Page Title
This option lets you select a custom font for your post and page title. You can also select font weight and line height using this option.

Post/Page Content
This option lets you change the font size, line height and text transformation of your post content.

Post Meta
You can change the font size, line height and text transformation of post meta content using this option. This applies to all post meta info in archive, category pages and single posts.

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