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Are Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders SEO Friendly?

Drag and Drop WordPress themes are all the rage lately. Most if not all Premium Theme today come with some kind of drag and drop page builder features.

Drag and Drop page builders allow you to customize your WordPress site’s page the way you want to design it. While they do offer lot of flexibility they do come with a lot of baggage.

Drag and Drop Page Builders like WP Bakery Visual Composer, Elementor, etc use shortcode to create the kind of layout you want. When you enable these plugins in your WordPress site they show you a beautiful layout creator where you can drag and drop items but the underlying code of these page builders can be bad for your site’s page speed, performance and SEO Score if not properly optimized.

Page builders plugins add a lot of code sometimes to do very simple tasks like creating columns in your page which in turn makes your sites pages heavy.

Being SEO friendly is not the main focus of page builders themes and plugins. Their main goal is to be intuitive and easy to use by end user. So,while focusing on their main goals sometimes they do have to offset some of the SEO friendly features too.

On its own Page Builders does not affects your SEO score much. Apart from making your site heavy which you can optimize by enabling gzip compress and browser cache.

Instead of relying on Page Builders plugins and themes to help you with SEO, its better to use SEO plugins like ALL In One SEO or Yoast’s WordPress SEO to optimize your site for search engine.

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