Made For Elementor

Munk is made for Elementor Page Builder. Create stunning layouts with Munk and Elementor.

Customize Everything

Munk WordPress theme comes with extensive customization option to help you built a beautiful and performance optimized websites.

Munk Instant Sites

Import read to use Instant Sites built using Elementor and start customizing.

Install Munk Sites WordPress Plugin

Munk Sites is a free plugin available on

Select your desired layouts

Few click to import free and stunning designs available for various industries

Edit and Publish

Once imported, you can customize the text and image and launch your website.

You're in Control

With unlimited colors and 600+ Google fonts options, you are in control of your online store.

Color and Font Customization

Customize the fonts and colors of store to match your brand.

Full Width Page Layouts

Munk come with full width layouts that moves out of your way to let you make your entire site using Elementor.

Header Footer Composer

Use the Header Footer Composer for Elementor to even edit the header and footer of your site for free.

Ready to Import Instant Sites

Professionally designed Instant Sites that you can easily import into your website directly from your WordPress Dashboard. News Designs Every Month.





Spend Less Time for Great Results

Start for Free, Upgrade for Growth

The free version of Munk WordPress theme comes with all the basic customization option. Upgrade to Pro for more better control and additional features.

Make it With Elementor

Munk is built for Elementor and WooCommerce. Use the two to make exciting products and shop layout. It works like magic.

Built for Performance

Munk is built with performance in mind. You can enable only the features you want and leave things you do not want.

Compatible with third party addons

Munk plays nicely with all major third party Elementor addons. Whatever you want your site to do, Munk will support you.

Extensive Hooks and Filters

Extensive list of hooks and filters for developers to modify the layout of Munk.

Built for Performance

We have built Munk with performance in mind. Each line of code is optimized for performance and only used when required.









Tested on standard host without any cache, CDN or other custom optimizations.

All The Features that are built in Munk.

Munk has many customization options and optimization features. Here is a list of some of the features that you can use to built your next WordPress site.

Core Features

Color Customization

Customize colors for each element to match your brand.

Typography Options

With 600+ Google font, choose a font that matches your style.

Spacing Controls

Add custom paddings and margins to your blogs, page, post and sidebar.

Page Layouts

Right sidebar, left sidebar, or full width. You can decide.

Site Container

Boxed, Contained or Fluid layout. Munk lets you choose your site's layout.

Header Layouts

Above header, below header, sticky header or custom header. You have all the options.

Performance Options

SEO Optimized

Munk is built with SEO in mind. It is search engine optimized from scratch.

Integrated Schema

Inbuilt schema markup and structured data support for better representation in search engines.

Realtime Customization

Use the WordPress customizer for real time changes preview.

Multiple Pagination Types

Classic, numbered or infinite scroll. Munk has it all.

Responsive Design

Munk is built with Mobile first approach which makes sure your site works perfectly on Mobile browsers.

GDPR Compliant

Munk theme does not stores any cookie which helps you adhere to GDPR requirements.

Theme Extras

Header Footer Composer

Don't like the default headers, Use Elementor to design your own custom header or footer.

Instant Sites

Ready to import Instant sites that you helps you kick start your website's journey.

More Awesome Features

Upgrade to Munk Pro for more awesome features to boost your site's performace.

More free templates for download at: Google Slides Themes

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