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Munk WordPress theme comes with extensive customization option to help you built a beautiful and performance optimized website.

Design Unique Headers and Footer with Munk and Elementor

Introducing Header Footer Composer

Header and Footer Composer is a free WordPress Plugin that is made for Munk which allows you to design your site’s header and footer using Elementor Page Builder.

Custom Header and Footers

Header Footer Composer for Elementor is an unique plugin that lets you design multiple custom and unique headers and footers for your site.

Easy to use Elementor Widgets

Header and Footer Composer comes with 4 custom widget for Site Logo, Site Title, Nav Menu and Overlay menu which you can use to create a unique header for your site.

Sticky Headers

Header and Footer Composer also has inbuilt sticky headers feature with various options for to you create a sticky header for your site.

Spend Less Time for Great Results

Start for Free, Upgrade for Growth

The free version of Munk WordPress theme comes with all the basic customization option. Upgrade to Pro for more better control and additional features.

Make it With Elementor

Munk is built for Elementor and WooCommerce. Use the two to make exciting products and shop layout. It works like magic.

Built for Performance

Munk is built with performance in mind. You can enable only the features you want and leave things you do not want.

Compatible with third party addons

Munk plays nicely with all major third party WooCommerce addons. Whatever you want your store to do, Munk will support you.

Extensive Hooks and Filters

Extensive list of hooks and filters for developers to modify the layout of Munk.

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Design Layouts

Above Header
Munk comes with an Above Header section where you can place a widget, text, search form or a menu in one column or two column layout

Below Header
Munk comes with a Below Header section as well where you can place a widget, text, search form or a menu in one column or two column layout

Multiple Header Layout
Munk has multiple header layout option which can be activated from the Customizer and you can also build custom header using Header Footer Composer plugin which is made for Munk.

Sticky Header
Munk has an inbuilt sticky header feature which fixes your header when a user scrolls down the page on your site.

Archive Layout Option
You can manage the Post layout, sidebar, meta and title for your blog archive and category pages from the customizer.

Footer Layout
Munk comes with one, two, three and four column layout for footer widgets area. You can also edit the copyright text and hide or show author URL.

Post/Page Layout Option
With Munk you can customize the layout for your single posts and page layout and select which side to show the sidebars

WooCommerce Layouts
Want to create an ecommerce store? You can now with Munk. We have 100% WooCommerce compatibility into Munk for you to easily create beautiful ecommerce sites.


700+ Google Fonts
Munk comes with 700+ Google font. Choose one that works best for you site.

Munk lets you customize font family and size for all the Header content.

Select from any of the 700+ Google font for your footer widget content and separate font for widget titles.

Munk lets you customize font for your sidebar content and widget titles.

Select font for your post content as well as post titles.

Font Size Controls
You can also select different font size for each section of your site’s content.


Above / Below Header
Munk provides options to customize color and background for above and below header content sections.

Primary Header
Want to customize your primary header, You can now. With Munk you can create completely unique header layout with custom color and background

Sticky Header
Want to have a different background color for the sticky header. You can now with Munk.

Content Color Options
Select and customize color for post title, post content, post meta and read more buttons.

Footer Color
Change color and background for footer widgets, footer widget title, copyright section.

Sidebar Color
With Munk you can have different color for your blog sidebar.

WooCommerce Color Options
Want different color for your Shop archive page and product info. Now you can with Munk.

Blog Layouts

Archive Page Layout
With Munk you can customize the Archive layout layout. Select sidebar layout, choose post content and post meta position, set post excerpt length and enable or disable read more button.

Post Content
Munk provides you option to set the position of post content. Want to show the title above the featured image and hide the post content. You have all the options now.

Post Meta
By default Munk shows multiple post meta options. You can thought enable, disable and customize the position of post meta content like post category, date, tags, author and comments.

Post Content
Want to show Full Content instead of only post excerpt. You can do that with Munk now.

Excerpt Length
Customize the length of post excerpt length easily with Munk

Munk comes with default prev/next navigation and numbered pagination. With Munk Pro you can also have Load More pagination as well as Infinite Scrolling option.


Optimized and Modular Code
We have built Munk with performance in mind. Each line of code is optimized for performance and only used when required.

Fast Load Time
Your site’s speed and performance is Munk’s priority. Being a very lightweight theme, Munk loads in under a second.

Less than 100 KB
Munk has a small footprint and uses less than 100KB of resources to load your site.

Global Options

Custom Header and Footers
Munk supports Header Footer Composer for Elementor. You can now design and build custom headers and footers for your site using Munk and Header Footer Composer.

Hooks and Filters
Munk comes extensive hooks and filters using which developers can add, edit or remove content in any position of the site.

Search Engine Optimized
Munk is search engine optimized from ground up. We have built Munk with optimized code so you site ranks higher on search engines.


Shop Layout
Want to customize the layout of your shop page? You can now. Munk comes with a series of options to customize your shop page layout.

Single Product Layout
Single product page has been specially customized in Munk to provide better sales for your site. With extra widget areas and options to customize each element of single product page you can now customize the layout of your product page.

Product Tab Layout
Want vertical or horizontal product information tab? You can now with Munk

Related Products
Enable or Disable Related products content and select how many products you want to show in the related products section.

Color Settings
Munk comes with extensive color customization option for Woocommerce.

Sale Ribbon Style
Change the color and shape of Sale ribbon for your on sale products.

Typography Option
Munk also comes with extensive font customization for option for Woocommerce.

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