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How to Back up Your WordPress Site

Security is of high importance! That is why it is recommended to shield your assets and when it comes to online assets, people usually think of their WordPress website. However, if you think that it is difficult to protect a WordPress website, then you are not alone. It is somewhat critical and needs tech expertise. 

Secure your precious website 

Most people want to keep their website secure from security breach, issue, or other tech errors. That is why it makes sense to backup all your data. Indeed, it is a great way to secure your precious website. You will be surprised to know that most hosting companies offer a wide range of website backup options so that people can stay ahead of the curve. 

Absolute option is to perform your own backups 

However, here, it must be noted that if the hosting provider goes down even for a single minute, you will lose your website’s data, which is a sort of nightmare. Hence, the best ever solution or you say an absolute option is to perform your own backups at regular intervals. And you won’t believe that it is easy and possible to manually backup your WordPress site using cPanel or use a plugin. 

Save you from unprecedented hazards 

Both these options are quite aligned and smooth and can save you from unprecedented hazards. Means, there is a way to restore the website and keep your business running at a rapid pace. Hence, it is sure that you will not lose your ROI due to any unseen circumstances.  

Bigger and mightier threat 

Some people argue that there is no point in backing up a WordPress site; however, it must be noted that there is no surety that the down time can save your business. Indeed, according to a report, most of the businesses are highly vulnerable when it comes to hacking. It is a bigger and mightier threat. Data breaches are quite common and can put your business in deep trouble. Irrespective of your business, you can lose your ROI in seconds due to any sort of attack or hacking threat. You can easily lose your customers, data and put your ROI in trouble.  

Now let us concentrate on how to Backup WordPress website using a plugin. It might look something very technical, but in reality, it is a good way to take a backup. Since WordPress doesn’t have the functionality to create a backup, it is essential to use plugins. Here, it must be noted that the process may vary if you use a different plugin, however, the good thing is that the steps will remain the same. 

1. Log into your WordPress dashboard.

2. Navigate to the Plugins tab and click the “Add New button”.

3. Search for “UpdraftPlus” and click the Install Now button.

4. Click Activate and you will be redirected to the tab listing all the installed plugins on your website.

5. Configure the plugin’s settings. You will see a pop-up with a Press here to start button! If you don’t, simply click the Settings link.

 6. If you want to create a backup, click the Backup Now button. You can also schedule a auto backup through the settings tab.

7. Choose where to save your backups by selecting a remote storage provider. For the sake of this demo, we’ll select Dropbox.

8. Choose/Select which files you want to include in your backups.

9. Save your settings by clicking the Save Changes button.

10. Once you click Save Changes, a pop-up window will appear to verify your account with whichever remote provider you selected. 

11. To complete the process, click on the link. It will open a new window asking you to fill in your account information.

12. Grant UpdraftPlus.com access to your remote provider and click Complete Setup.

13. You will be redirected back to your WordPress dashboard where you’ll see a success message for authenticating your account.

That’s it! It is very easy to set up auto backups of your WordPress site with the UpdraftPlus plugin.

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