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How to Embed PDFs in a WordPress Page?

Embedding the pdf file in the WordPress page or post is simple and safe. There are various features available in the WordPress in order to embed the pdf file in the page. One of the major thing is in the current version of the WordPress is inbuilt the plugin that need to be activated so that you can easily attach the files like pdf directly inside the page. Similar to the image storage in the page of the WordPress document, you need to follow the same process that is just store the pdf file and then follow the below steps:

  • Open the WordPress dashboard
  • Click on the “Media” Option.
  • And then go with “Add New”.
  • Select the file from the local disc and update it.
  • Copy the path of the pdf file.
  • Paste it in the page in which it is required.

This is one of the normal procedures in order to embed the pdf file in the WordPress . The same process has been implementing the post too. In some cases there may be an option to not visible of the pdf file information in the media library. At that time, you need to customize the option in order to upload the pdf file in it. Use the tag like [pdf]…[/pdf]. There are various parameters are available in the pdf shortag like title, width and height.

Compatibility Of PDF File In WordPress

In general pdf setup used to be horizontal alignment and it supports in most of the browser but in some cases there may be some issue causes because of incompatibility. For example, most of the wordpress user would have experienced such kind of issue that is loading an image in the site would work fine but when you talk about the pdf, maximum number of people would face some problem. Due to some security issue, there may have a chance of viewing the page with blank with grey background. In some other cases, you have only option to click and download the file to view the page instead of viewing it directly.

Secure Access Of PDF Within A Frame

For security reason, most of the professional would suggest that not to use the pdf file directly inside the page so that it go out of range and some of the wording may not be visible or you have to scroll in order to view it. For this reason, you need to create a frame and implement the pdf document within the certain range of the screen and make them to visible with best clarity. Chrome is the browser which fails to update the pdf file rather it must be scaled to 100{37256cf0ee31db86add5b6eba3983cfb5fab0b039501789ef81a53d1a467d5f8}. In internet explorer browser, you need to install the pdf plugin similar to adobe reader software in order to make the pdf document to visible. In mobile browser, one should need to download the file the internal storage or external storage in order to view the pdf document. At maximum time, please avoid using the pdf file rather make use of word documents.

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