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How to enable gZip Compression in WordPress without using any Plugin?

There is nothing new in the Gzip compression rather it is similar to zip compression that we perform in our local hard disk to compress the information so that the size of the page would be reduced with certain limit. This operation will be performed in the web server that helps the site to load faster without any complication as compare to other site with same set of features. Gzip will help to minimize the size of the file with maximum of seventy percentage of the original document which means it take less number of time to load the data in quick session with lesser number of bandwidth. The current generation site are been working with gzip compression that features the huge in efficient manner.

Benefits Of Gzip Compression In WordPress

When you search for the information in the WordPress file will take less number of times to search and give you the accurate information rather appropriate data. Another feature is the server will take less space to process the request with high range of time consuming. For example, in simple term if the actual size of the file is ten thousand kb then it will be shrinking to thousand kb and make your work easy.

Process In Online Gzip Compression
1. Start the process via online
2. Request process to server for content using browser
3. Condition applies

If yes, then server will give permission to read the page and the loading process will be much faster. If no, the page will load slower

As the day progress, there are various strategy has been introduced in order to access the gzip compression in efficient manner in WordPress services. This will improve the performance of the site in all aspect. Most of the people would like to make use of the plugin like W3 total cache, W3 super cache and soon in order to make their process much faster. But if you want to improve the performance without the plugin usage and this gzip compression can also be used in other tools other than WordPress too.

Procedure For Gzip Compression With WordPress

The process to enable the Gzip compression on the WordPress is very simple which you need to know the how to handle and edit the file called as .htaccess that would appear at the root directory of the WordPress site. In this current generation most of the experience users are making use of FileZilla and download the .htaccess file through the text editor. Just the update the below code in the .htaccess file and re-upload it back in the hosting account too.

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/text text/html text/plain text/xml text/css application/x-javascript application/javascript

If you feel uneasy to make use of code then you can go with below post in order to find the solution.
Just process the Gmetrix page in order to check the speed of the Gzip compression to the .htaccess file and check the difference between the two and then proceed further improve the performance.

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