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Introducing Munk – Fast, Customizable and Easy to use WordPress Theme

To be honest, it’s been years in making. After designing, building and sharing many free themes from numerous sites and wordpress.org, I poured all my knowledge, experience and ideas into this one theme. This is how Munk was born.

My name is Mohammad Tajim and I am a WordPress Developer who has been making websites with WordPress for about 1.5 decade now. Munk WordPress Theme is the culmination of my WordPress development career. It has everything that I have learnt while using WordPress and nothing that I hate seeing in a bloated WordPress Themes.

While building sites for Clients, I always went back to a set of functions and scripts that I used across all the sites. I wanted the themes I used to be easy to modify and to come with as little baggage as possible. I wanted to it to be modular so I could add or remove features as and when they are required. I did not want theme author to ship a kitchen sink with the theme, that means no 1000 shortcodes, no sliders and absolutely no custom built in house page builders.

With Munk, I have tried to make the best possible WordPress Theme that I would use to make my own and client’s site.

Here’s what Munk comes with inbuilt into its core:

  • Fast Speed – We have gone back to basics to make Munk fast. No Custom queries or scripts. Everything is done with WordPress Standards
  • Support for Elementor Page Builder and Gutenberg so you can design your pages in the browser.
  • Out of the box WooCommerce Compatibility for you to make beautiful Stores
  • Built Using Twitter Bootstrap – #1 Frontend Framework on Internet
  • Hooks and Filters for Easy Customization
  • Header and Footer Composer to make custom designs
  • Munk is 100% Open Source and will always be Free.

Munk is available on WordPress Repo .

Munk also comes with Ready to use Instant Sites that you can import into your site. Install the Munk Sites plugin after you have activated Munk Theme to view the instant sites. Right now we have 5 Designs for you to import and are working to add more designs in coming weeks.

About The Author

Mohammad Tajim

Hello, I am Mohammad Tajim a WordPress Developer with over 14 years of experience building WP Products. I made Munk WordPress Theme and other themes available at metricthemes.com. Follow me on twitter @tajim

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