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Release Note: Munk 2.0.3

We have just released a new version of Munk WordPress Theme – Version 2.0.3.

This version comes with some exciting new changes.

¬†Default font is now ‘system-ui’

We have changed the default font from ‘IBM Plex Sans‘ to the default System font stack.

If you have already selected any other font in the customizer then this does not affect your site as your selected font will be used. But, in case you are using the default options then your font on the site will be switched to the default system stack font.

If you want to still use the IBM Plex Sans font then please go into Dashboard > Appearance > Customize and then open the Content > Typography Settings and select “IBM Plex Sans” as the font in the “Base Content Font” option. This will apply IBM Plex Sans as the base font for your entire site.

Remove Post Meta Option from the Customizer

Option to customize ‘Post Meta Font’ option has been removed. Post meta now uses the same font family and size as the Post Content.

Added Option to customize Font settings for H1, H2 and H3

You can customize the font family and style of the H1, H2 and H3 tag to be different that rest of the content.

Fixed Block Editor Layout Issues

Since, Gutenberg is a rapidly growing, we have also fixed some issues which were breaking the block layout in the latest version of WordPress.

Please upgrade to the latest version of Munk WordPress Theme from your Dashboard and if there is any problem please do let us know by submitting a support request over here.

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