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Top 10 Places to Download Quality Free WordPress Theme

So, you just installed your WordPress blog.

Now you need to find a good looking theme that will make your site look professional and beautiful.  If you want a seriously good looking site with all the bells and whistles then you should buy a premium WordPress theme but if you are just staring out and are short on cash then there are tons of good quality free WordPress theme that should do the job for the day.

A good theme makes your site looks neat whereas a good Theme Directory makes finding a free WordPress theme easier.  

Following  is a small list of theme directory that host good quality free WordPress themes.  You can various types of WordPress theme and can filter them by tags, layout, features and even popularity.


The best and the official directory of all kinds of free WordPress theme is the WordPress.org. This is where all the serious theme developers host their free WordPress theme. There are over 2500 free WordPress themes in this repository.

You can search themes by keywords and they are also categories within by Featured, Popular and Latest tab and can also how many times a theme has been downloaded over a period.

Search a theme you like and click on the “Theme Homepage” to view more about the theme.


Another site that hosts and showcases free WordPress theme is WPExplorer. Numbers of themes hosted here might be low but they have some high quality theme listed  in their directory.

You have to login to download these themes. Registration is free.


This site hosts more than 1000 free WordPress themes. JustFreeThemes has cleaner layout and you can download themes without having to sign up or login.

They also review each theme for its design, functionality and usability and give a handy rating which you can use to find the best possible theme for your site.


You heard it right. The classic store famous for its premium theme also has a page where they let you download WordPress themes for free.  

Themes are good looking and comes with many features that should be enough to kick start your site.

You might have to sign up to download the theme though.

Flexi Themes

With over 2000 free and premium theme Flexithemes is another site where you can download good quality WordPress Themes.

You can filter themes by color, category, columns and sidebar and view demo of each theme easily.

You do not need to login or sign up to download themes on Flexithemes.

Rara Themes

Another popular WordPress theme company is RaraTheme. They have over 50+ free WordPress themes that  are all handmade by an in-house team of designers and developers.

Their themes have been downloaded over half a million times and used by popular blogs all over the world.  

You will have to sign up to download the themes.

Fame Themes

Number of themes offered might be low but Fame Themes has some of the best designed themes available for Free. They offer free WordPress blog theme as well as multiple theme to make an online magazine using WordPress

Sign Up is required for download.

Access Press Themes

Themes can be filtered using a category dropdown and demo URL is available once you hover upon the theme thumbnail.

AccessPressThemes is another site where you can download free WordPress theme.  They have over 50 free themes available for all kinds of sites be it blog, corporate website, ecommerce or photography.

Theme Palace

Theme Palace is a marketplace of WordPress theme.  They have premium theme for sale as well as over 50 free WordPress themes available for download.

You can filter the theme using the category dropdown and easily view the details of each theme.  Multiple designers upload their themes on Theme Palace so this is one place you can download various designs of theme.

Sign up is required to download the themes.


Template Sell is an online marketplace for WordPress Themes/Plugins and HTML Templates. Developers from around the world can sell their products through this platform.

They have around 50 free WordPress themes available for free download.

Sign Up required to download the themes.

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