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What is Elementor? And why should you use it to make your next WordPress site?

Since you have landed on this page, we believe you want to sink your teeth into the world of the web world with Elementor. And when it comes to Elementor, its functions, mechanism, and performance, we are here for you. SO, stay touched towards this whole article to know the gist of Elementor Page-Builder.

What is Elementor?

Launched back in 2016, with about four million active installations and loved with a 4.9-star rating, Elementor is a well-known WordPress page builder. This plugin is famous within the WordPress users intending to design a beautiful and responsive blog, multi-purpose, or any website in a minimum effort and time. And the most striking thing is that you do not need to code to build an appealing website through Elementor. Sounds impressive, right? Moreover, it is a single platform where you can manage every part of your website design. Using its drag and drop and visual editor, you can easily craft an engaging website.

Nevertheless, it offers you with lots of useful widgets, powerful templates, and user-friendly environment to craft your website with live preview. Not to forget, the powerful page builder plugin comes with is the free and premium version. There is a vast difference between these two plans. The premium plan offers extra functionalities such as excellent customer support, access to new templates, eCommerce support, integration, and multiple add-ons, which is limited in the case of the free version.

What are the benefits of using the Elementor Page Builder?

As mentioned earlier, the Elementor page builder plugin allows WordPress users to easily design custom WordPress layouts without single knowledge of coding kinds of stuff. You can substitute the default WordPress editor with a brand-new frontend editor, which further allows you to create and move sophisticated design and layouts visually without having any changes between the editor and the previous model. More to mention, Elementor allows you to achieve a top-notch level of design without the necessity to use code or depending on a web developer. Below are the reasons why you need to choose the Elementor page builder to design your website.

1)Authority to customize every part of the theme

2)Access to professional templates and blocks

3)Global widgets and layouts

4)Embed anything anywhere

5)Other features

1) Customize every part of the theme

Customizing the WordPress theme is like having a cherry on a cake, especially for many WordPress developers. It usually would involve hardship and even coding to edit the theme, with the elementor page builder that is not necessary. Thanks to its ability to customize each part of the WordPress theme, changing the site’s header, footer, and more won’t be hard stuff. Additionally, due to its functionality to preview any changes you made, you won’t need to sift within the pages.

2) Access to professional templates and blocks

Elementor page builder comes with its own template’s library, which allows you to get access with more than 300 professional templates (Premium plan).  Moreover, it encompasses images that you can use to make your site attractive. Nevertheless, Elementor comes with blocks for all sections like contact us, list of actions, get in touch, and many more.

3) Global widgets and layouts.

Thanks to its easily customizable option, you can create widgets of your own, but the most beautiful part is that you can save the widget that you made with a harsh time and can reuse the widgets on any pages of your website through global widget settings. To increase your user experience and to make your site user-friendly, your content should be appropriately managed. Indeed, layouts are what impact users experience. Luckily, Elementor comes with neatly crafted layouts to fulfill your site’s match and requirements.

4) WooCommerce Integration

Integrated with WooCommerce, Elementor has proven itself the best page builder. Keeping in mind the problem of coding WooCommerce hooks now, you can build all those sales pages, product pages for online shop in WordPress using Elementor. Additionally, you can beautify your product pages showcase and archive through Elementor.

5) Other features

Undoubtedly, the Elementor WordPress page builder has changed the way of web design, especially in WordPress CMS. It comes with overall functionality, overall access, and optimum usability, a website of any kind needs. Elementor has got a lot to offer its users, unlike in any other page builders; you can embed anything related to blogs, widgets, and layouts anywhere you want on your website. Additionally, it comes with an integrated email to automate marketing hardship. Elementor offers a predesigned header and footer menu based on your needs.

How to create a website with an Elementor page builder?

Well, to build a website with any of the page builders, you need to install a theme compatible with that page builder. In the case of Elementor page builder too things are the same, which means that you would also need a theme that goes well with Elementor. There are a many themes that are compatible with the Elementor page builder. The list covers Munk, OceanWP, Zakra and so on. Reasonably saying, the Munk WordPress theme by MetricThemes can satisfy you for your overall thematic needs. Developed as a multi-purpose WordPress theme, the Munk theme comes with numerous customizable options. In the case of the Munk theme, it doesn’t matter whether you are designing a blog, business, or any other website. Moreover, this theme is compatible with the Elementor page builder allowing you to craft your website to its optimum grade. Nevertheless, the theme designing company Matrix themes have also built Munk site plugin, which allows you to import ready crafted design and layouts to built any WordPress site, but before, let’s have an in-depth eye view on using Elementor page builder with Musk WordPress theme.

How to Build WordPress sites instantly using Elementor with Munk WordPress theme?

Munk WordPress theme, as mentioned earlier, is a responsive multi-purpose theme available on the WordPress market. Allowing users to integrate with Elementor page builder, Munk provides your enormous ways to craft the WordPress website with its simple drag and drop interface.  Here we are going to give you a brief insight on how to use the Munk WordPress theme uses elementor to build instant WordPress sites. Your Website building journey starts with installing the Munk WordPress theme from WordPress theme store and activating it. As opined before, this theme works better with Elementor page builder so you can burst out each functionality of the powerful theme to craft the appearance of your website. 

And you know what? Things are not just up to now! Meaning that they allow you to import a fully developed design to your site. Munk theme offers several already developed demos of different ground, such as Marketing, Business, Charity, and so on. This design, as mentioned earlier, can be easily imported into your website directly from your WordPress Dashboard. However, Munk Site Plugin is required. This plugin is also a product of Metrix themes, which allows you to import the demos as mentioned earlier without any effort. Moreover, you can further customize the settings, widgets, layouts of the demos as all of them are made using elementor Page Builder.

In a Nutshell,

The Munk WordPress theme is fully compatible with the Elementor Page Builder. This theme allows you to craft your design using Elementor’s editing features. Besides, if you are out of time to customize the features, you can take advantage of Munk themes instant sites demo importing theme through Munk Sites Plugin.

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